Suarez opens up about returning

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Suarez opens up about returning to Anfield As a rival for Liverpool vs Atletico Madrid.

Atletico Madrid striker Luis Suarez has opened up about Liverpool ‘s return to Anfield in the UEFA Champions League. mid week After creating an incredible legend when Brendan Rodgers was a manager several years ago.

“Everyone knows the atmosphere at Anfield. Especially how amazing is the European game night? So I’m very happy to go back there again. Even as a competitor,” Momet told

“I’m still watching the English Premier League games all the time because it’s an unbelievable match. One of my dreams has been fulfilled because of my Liverpool career, but the main thing is the love the fans have for the players, which I felt from the very first minute in front of them.”

“Even though we have been separated for many years, the fans still love me to this day. That’s because they know how committed I am to the club. Which is true because I want to lead Liverpool to greatness from the bottom of my heart.

“Although I only had the opportunity to play for Liverpool for a few years, I have no better memory than that. And I want to show the fans a great football performance once again. They are great inspiration. Unfortunately, we have to become competitors this year.”