Pulisic reveals the best footballer English Premier League

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Pulisic reveals who is the best footballer in the English Premier League right now.

Christian Pulisic, the genius midfielder of Chelsea released an interview that frankly Who is the most skilled footballer on stage in the English Premier League at the moment?

“When it comes to the best footballers in the English Premier League, I would like everyone to look into Chelsea first. Because we have so many top players in the world to play,” Pulisic told Amazon Prime.

“A simple example would be Jorginho & N’Golo Kante, these two are world-class midfielders who have kept their best form in every match. led the team to countless successes and has never seen a single drop of form.”

“But at the same time, no one would dare to argue. If I were to mention the name of Mohamed Salah with another person. Because everything he has done for Liverpool is the absolute best. This is one of the best people in the world right now.”

“Cristiano Ronaldo is another legend still alive and has scored many goals for the club. But keep in mind that there are now many top players to name a few. which he is without a doubt one of them.”