Media estimates Getafe may be ordered to close some stadiums.

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Sevillano coach Enrique Sanchez Flores has the target of insults from Getafe fans. Which could lead to the Azulon being forced to close their football stadium.

Diario AS reported on Tuesday that. The Spanish Football Federation may punish Getafe by closing parts of the Coliseum Alfonso Perez stadium. After the racist incident towards Marcos Acuña, left-back of the Argentine national team of Sevilla. In the game that the Sevillano team won 1-0 on Saturday UFABET

Acuña was the target of racism from some Azulon fans who shout at the Argentinian left-back a ‘monkey’. While Enrique Sanchez Flores, the former Sevillano coach working with the club has. Also the target of scorn from local fans as well.

The incident was included in referee Javier Iglesias Villanueva’s report to the Spanish Football Federation’s competition committee. This will be examined before deciding whether to punish Getafe or not and what the punishment will be.

According to reports, the partial shutdown of Alfonso Perez’s Coliseum is high due to a similar case in a game. Between Valencia and Real Madrid where a Bats fan racially abuse Vinisius Junior. Resulted in the Spanish Football Federation ordering the closure of the southern stands of Mario Kempes’ side of the Estadio de Mestalla for three games.