Liverpool 2-0 Watford: 4 points cleared after Premier League game

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Liverpool 2-0 Watford: 4 points cleared after Premier League game Reds open home to grab 3 points

1. Grandfather Roy fought well.

In this game, if you look at the score. Many people may think that Liverpool can easily beat Roy Hogson’s Watford according to the class name and quite different results. But in fact, throughout I have to say that it’s a fairly uncomfortable game, especially the Reds’ offensive game today. Although I keep finding opportunities to do so, but most can only do almost. Plus,

The counter-attacking game using the speed of the players in the offensive game almost made the visiting team invade the lead twice. But fortunately they weren’t decisive enough. If Sarr or Kushka’s shot goes in, sometimes the picture of the game and the result of the match may come out in a different way. Roy Hogson told UFABET

2. Gomez and the opportunity that must be seize. Today, one of the issues that many Liverpool fans are concerned about is that Trent Alexander Arnold’s injury to the pitch could affect the team both offensively and defensively. But today I have to say that Joe Gomez. Who had just given the opportunity to start in the league for the second time. Did better than expecte. Both in the defensive game that was originally refer to a center.

So it is not a problem to hit or hit the ball. But the offensive game. Although it still needs to be adjust a bit. But it’s consider an impressive result. Both technique and speed. including accuracy in the early cross Until it was the source of the goal that led the team in this game. It is unlikely that if Trent had to rest longer and Gomez was able to maintain good form. There is a chance as well that Gomez will return to be the main character for the team again.

3. Hassan Kamara backs Watford

Many people may think that the cause that makes Mo Salah ineffective in this game. It’s because of the fatigue and disappointment from the national team’s game that can’t take Egypt to the final of the World Cup. But in fact that may be the only reason. Because today if you don’t watch Hassan Kamara The 28-year-old left-back was task with shutting down Salah.

So probably not. Because he is known standing in a shadow. Plus his speed and strength is very close to the Egyptian star. So much so that he almost has no chance to catch the ball and has an open space to play. Moreover. After Sa Lah was changed to Mane to act instead and was chased until he couldn’t play, no different.

4. The Blue Sailboat doesn’t give up easily.

It seems that the three points in this game are not good enough to send the Reds soaring to the top of the crowd as Manchester City have not given up easily after defeating Burnley after the game. This only took a few hours to make the sailors blue. regaining the top spot with the same 1-point gap That makes next weekend the most important match for both teams because it’s a game.

Where Liverpool have a queue to attack the Etihad Stadium, home of Manchester City, their direct rivals for the title. Of course, if there is a win or loss, the side that gets 3 points has a higher chance of lifting the League Cup at the end of the season.