Jurgen Klopp insists there is no problem

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Jurgen Klopp insists there is no problem with Simeone refusing to shake hands after the game.

Jurgen Klopp insists he has no problem with Diego Simeone refusing to shake hands after Liverpool ‘s 3-2 win at Atletico Madrid at United. FA Champions League The group stage was two weeks ago, as reported by the Liverpool Echo.

The Reds are scheduled to host Atletico’s visit to the fourth leg of the group stage on Wednesday night. While there were some post-match drama issues, Simeone didn’t shake hands with Klopp after the game, and he later said he didn’t like to do so. The German manager spoke about this at a press conference on Tuesday.

“As for the handshake question, OK, that’s what I said after the game [at Madrid] if I knew he wouldn’t have done that. I certainly wouldn’t try. I try to shake hands too But he just waved his hand back and forth. It’s not necessary for me I’m really not happy about that.”

“But as far as I know We both had emotions in the game and that was my mood at the time. it is not necessary But now I know he doesn’t want to do that after the game. Which is no problem,” Klopp said.