Henry names the best No.9

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Henry names the best No.9 striker in the UEFA Champions League this season.

Thierry Henri legendary striker artillery opinion frankly. That battle in the UEFA Champions League season 2021-22. Who is this Stryker No.9 far better eyes. own

“If you ask who is the best No.9 striker on the stage of the UEFA Champions League. Current season My answer is only one. Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United. Henry told CBS Sports.

“I think football fans all over the world have to give Ronaldo undisputed credit for the matter. The reason is that he has been outstanding throughout the year. year after year, whether in national team games. Or even the number of goals scored for Manchester United since the start of the season.”

“And when combined with all the statistics With every success. He has built as a superstar at Real Madrid, Juventus, including his early days at Manchester United. No one else can compare with Ronaldo in the world.

“The second place is Karim Benzema because from a personal perspective. I think he is the most complete striker of all time. Can do everything all by myself. Even after Ronaldo’s departure, Benzema continued to score goals. lead the team to win the UCL as usual.” according to a report from ‘ufabet