Henry insists Arsenal

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Henry insists Arsenal must prove they are still a big team with a win over Manchester United tonight.

Arsenal legend Thierry Henry has expressed frankly that he loves his team. Need to attack to beat Manchester United in a big game tonight to show a big team. After fading into the middle of the table for many years

“Arsenal are now strong enough to beat the English Premier League’s middle-class teams, quite decisively. Therefore, they need to raise their quality to a higher level by successfully taking down the big teams. I can’t wait to go to Old Trafford tonight,” Henry told Prime Video.

“Over the years Arsenal have been losing almost 100 per cent against the big teams and the game is inferior as if we were never at the same level as them before. But this season is different and this game will prove whether Arteta’s boys deserve to compete for the TOP 4 or not.

“As an Arsenal fan, I dare say Mikel Arteta has done impressive enough. But still, I still want to see the development team to be stronger than this. because our goals are bigger than that.”

“Manchester United may not currently be a team in the TOP 4, but they are still big and have enough strength to succeed quickly.”