Henderson opens up about Suarez

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Henderson opens up about Suarez ahead of UCL Liverpool vs Atletico Madrid clash.

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson has spoken to former friend Luis Suarez. Who will return to Anfield as a striker for rivals Atletico Madrid at the UEFA Champions League. League Big match game tonight.

“I believe that Liverpool fans and all the players know. The best of Luis Suarez. He’s a world-class striker who’s had great times with us before. And he was also someone who taught me a lot of important things as well,” Hendo told the Liverpool Echo.

“The fact that we were closer to success than usual during that time was because Suarez was driving the team. He showed a noble footsteps. professionalism The ultimate dedication, both in practice and in competition. A state of mind that is stronger than human beings. The thirst for victory in every match, etc.”

“All that Suarez shows on a daily basis. It greatly increases the confidence of your teammates. That’s why that season we had to fight each and every match without death.”

“He is a phenomenal player worthy of being inscribed in Liverpool FC. as long as All the results clearly indicate that it is a worthy value.”