de Zerbi urges Fati to give more effort.

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Ansu Fati has been urged by Roberto de Zerbi to be more committed than ever. After the 21-year-old offensive line’s performance has dropped lately sport.

Brighton manager Roberto de Zerbi has been blunt in his criticism of Ansu Fati. Saying the 21-year-old striker needs more work. Because he thinks the players haven’t done enough. According to a report from ‘Deario Sport’ on Tuesday UFABET

Fati moved from Barcelona to Brighton on loan this season. He started with the Gulls with hope. Before everything came to a halt due to a calf injury. That kept him sidelined for around 10 weeks between November and February. 

Despite recovering, the 21-year-old forward still has neither scored nor assisted in the past 9 games. And was not involved in the most recent game, which lost 1-2 to Liverpool.

‘Ansu Fati has to give something more. Because right now he’s not doing enough.’ De Zerbi said of the 21-year-old attacker.

‘The expectations with him are always very high. The early stages of his career were difficult to accept and understand. But for a great player The most important thing is to adapt to the expectations you have.’ 

Brighton’s playing style is the charm of the Premier League. Opportunity to showcase your skills in European competitions. It also influences his decision. And it didn’t take long for Fati to score a goal in the game.