‘Amrabat’ injured, withdraws Moroccan troops

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Morocco coach Walid Regragui reveals Sofiane Amrabat has withdrawn from the team due to an injury. Therefore, he was not named in the African Nations Cup qualifying game, home to a 1-0 win over Liberia on Tuesday. The

27-year-old was called into the team. But was not named in Saturday’s game, drawing 1-1 with Ivory Coast and was unable to recover in time in the latest match, with Morocco using Azzadine Unahi to command the midfield. “We already knew before the start of the training that

Am Rabat will not be able to play,” the head coach who led Morocco to 4th place in the World Cup said in an interview. ทางเข้า https://ufabet999.com/

“Injuries to Amrabat can always happen. Therefore, we must find a solution and prepare alternatives. We have many players to do that.

Amrabat will return for further examination with the “Red Devils”, the agency which paid 8 million pounds to borrow from Fiorentina on the last day of the market. Buy and sell

Since joining Amrabat, Amrabat has made five appearances, most often with Erik ten Hag at left-back. But in the last game he started in midfield alongside Casemiro, beating Brentford 2-1.

Manchester United must wait and see if Amrabat will be ready to help the team win 2 matches. Caught in the away trip to Sheffield United this Saturday?