Kela Medical Inc.’s Personal Health Record Card™ is the most advanced,
portable medical records product in the world. Envisioning the future of healthcare to be “One Patient, One Record”, we have dedicated ourselves to using this revolutionary technology to benefit all parties involved in healthcare from the patient to the provider to the payer. The technology used in the pHR Card™ is patented in multiple countries.

How it Works
The Personal Health Record (pHR) Card™ contains a built-in microchip that stores a patient’s entire medical record. Patients are able to keep a single, complete medical file with them at all times in an electronic format for ease of use. The files are encrypted and protected for personal security. Connecting the card to any computer, with no special software required, enables the records to be viewed effortlessly.

The pHR Card ™ is an empowering tool that provides security and ownership to patients, allowing access to complete health records both locally and globally. The card is portable and wallet sized with a large memory capacity. It is associated with saving lives as it enables immediate treatment and eliminates the need for comparison or repeat testing, in turn resulting in overall cost reductions.

Advanced Features
The pHR Card™ has been designed with the following key features:
      + Data standard of HL7 V3.0
      + DICOM format viewer for medical imaging
      + Medical Documents organization tool
      + Propriety Encryption Technology
      + Unstructured to Structured data conversion tool
      + Interface with various EMR software for instant updates

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