Pediatric Personal
Health Record Program


A personal health record (PHR) is defined as an electronic application through which individuals can maintain and manage their health information (and that of others for whom they are authorized) in a private, secure, and confidential environment. When a PHR has been adapted to fit the needs of the pediatric patients and families, the PHR can facilitate delivery of and quality improvement in children’s health. PHR can improve children’s health by enabling information to become more mobile, networked, and accessible and by augmenting the delivery of care from providers in a way that improves and expands upon existing methods to communicate health information.

A report from the National Institute for Children’s Healthcare Quality (NICHQ) and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital show that the use of a PHR in pediatrics can encourage more coordination of care, help patients manage their conditions, and enable patients and families to expand their health knowledge.

Kela Medical, a leader in Health Informatics and an advocate for patient privacy, looks to study the adoption rate and of usage of E-Health tools by parents for children in Ontario.

Program purpose

To study the interaction between parents and the health information technologies. At the completion of the study, parents will be requested to fill out an optional questionnaire.


Kela Medical has created a fund of $2,000,000 to perform a research study on the adoption rate and usage of e-health tools by parents for their children’s care.


  • Community-based paediatricians in Ontario
  • Community-based physicians, both general practitioners and specialists whose active patient population of paediatrics (12 years of age and younger) is greater than 15% in Ontario
  • Ontario Hospital Foundations


Program Length

3 Years

Total Funding

Up to $25,000

per year

Funding Commencement

November 1st 2014

Applications Approved

Maximum of 25

Application Deadline

November 15th 2014

Go-Live Deadline

March 1st 2015


Minimum Tranche
Funding Amount

3 Years

Study Participant
E nrolment for Tranche

Up to $25,000

per year

Minimum Study Participant
Enrolment Length

November 1st 2014

Payment Frequency

Maximum of 25

How does it work?

Participating healthcare providers will be required to offer an Approved Personal Health Record platform to the parents of their pediatric patients. The parents will be able to log into the platform, and have access to information from their electronic chart.

Funding will be released based on the enrolment of 50 parents as Study Participants. To qualify as a Study Participant the parent must:

  • Be an active user of the platform for a minimum of 3 months
  • On the anniversary of the participant’s enrolment, they will be counted as a new study participant
  • An electronic 5 question survey will be emailed to the study participant 3 months into each year of their participation. If the survey is not completed, there is no negative impact on funding
  • An active user is considered as a person who either uses the system a minimum of 3 times each month, or are paying a monthly membership fee to the platform depending on the requirements of the platform itself

A maximum of 2500 study participants can be enrolled per healthcare provider each year.

Eligible platforms

The personal health record platforms that are eligible for this study are selected based on the following criteria:

  • Each parent/guardian controls his or her own access
  • The platform has been adapted for the use of pediatric patients
  • Parents are able to add their own information to the platform
  • The platform is accessible from any place at any time (with appropriate network connections)
  • The platform permits easy exchange of information with Electronic Medical Record systems
  • The platforms are private and secure
  • The platforms comply with the obligations under the Personal Health Information Protection Act (Ontario)
  • The platforms comply with the obligations under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (Canada)

Pre-Approved Platforms (in alphabetical order) include:


No EMR integration Costs

Server and Data Location

Cost to Parents

Encryption Level

Ability to Define Shareable Data from EMR

Kids Health








Mother Knows




Telus Health





  • Submit application prior to November 15th 2014
  • Complete Funding Agreement (link) and Vendor Declaration Form (link) by December 31st 2014
  • Begin enrolling first 50 study participants prior April 1st 2015
  • Surveys provided to active study participants securely and automatically on vendor platform
  • Surveys provided at months 3, 15, 27
  • Funding tranche released upon issuing of 50 surveys
  • Surveys are optional for participants to complete, however the participant must be an actively enrolled patient that has accessed the platform at least once per month prior to the survey


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